Rodney Haker

Rodney Haker is much more than just a photographer. He is an artist passionate about capturing the very essence of elegance.

Originally from Los Angeles, Rodney has always been fascinated by the aesthetics and glamour of Hollywood's golden age, leading him to follow in the footsteps of Slim Aarons. With a sharp artistic vision and unparalleled attention to detail, he captures timeless moments infused with luxury and authenticity, inviting viewers into a world of sophistication and refinement.

Over the years, Rodney has developed his own style, creating visual stories that transcend mere snapshots and capture the essence of beauty and elegance. Today, Rodney Haker's photographs continue to captivate an international audience, showcased in renowned art galleries and prestigious interiors worldwide. Each print serves as an invitation to elevate your living space with elegance and sophistication

Latest Artworks

Learn more about the artist behind the lens, his passion for photography, and his commitment to capturing the timeless aesthetic of Hollywood's golden age.



Represented by

    • Gevsner Fine Art, London, United Kingdom
    • Orchampt, Paris, France
    • Absolute Property, Brussels, Belgium
    • Stores Art, Los Angeles, USA

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